Air Terrier’s got that good connection

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By: Sally Brownnoser

There is a quote floating around online that says “home is where the Wi-Fi automatically connects,” and there has never been a truer statement at Wofford College. Students often praise the school for their reliable and strong network, Air Terrier, which automatically connects every time they step on campus.

After a stressful day filled with classes and extracurricular activities, the first thing most students want to do is relax. Usually, this involves Netflix. Luckily for Wofford students, Air Terrier always connects to any device, allowing them to watch Netflix or Hulu for hours on end with little to no cases of pauses for buffering. No matter where you are, in the common room of your dorm or in the privacy of your own secluded cube, Air Terrier is always allows you to connect and stream movies, TV shows, music and videos anytime. It also easily connects to your Apple TV or Chromecast!

Athletic events at Wofford are enjoyed by students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and members of the Spartanburg community. With high numbers of attendance, it is utterly shocking that the Wi-Fi is so successful without even the slightest delay. This makes it easy to keep others updated with the scores and play-by-plays.

Rarely do students experience problems with submitting papers and classwork on time. “All of my assignments are always turned in on time” says Will Zeigler ’18. “I’ve never had a late assignment because of problems with the Wi-Fi.”

Air Terrier’s reliable connection also comes in handy when students are trying to register for classes. Despite the heavy traffic on the morning of registration, My Wofford loads successfully and the course request sheet pops right up with no delay. There have been very few cases where students were not able to take a class as a direct result of the Wi-Fi not working.

Students also never have to worry about going over their data plans for the month because they’re constantly connected to Wi-Fi on campus. On the rare occasion that there is an issue with Air Terrier, the Information Technology department has always been helpful and responds in a timely manner. IT is on call 24/7 to aid students and faculty with any issues they have.

Wofford’s Wi-Fi network is one of the best in the nation. Colleges around the country tour and research Wofford’s IT Department and campus network in order to understand how to achieve the flawless system that we have here. The IT Department receives applications daily from people who want to be trained by the employees at Wofford. Air Terrier’s success is one major thing that sets Wofford apart from other private, liberal arts schools in South Carolina and, in some cases, is the factor that persuades students to attend.

DISCLAIMER: Article part of Old Black & Blue Issue

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