Dining Services makes improvements

DISCLAIMER: Article part of Old Black & Blue

By: Gorgonzola Black, Senior Writer

Aramark, Wofford’s beloved food service provider, has made sizeable improvements recently to the artisan delicacies that feed the young minds of Wofford College. Although their contract is up at the end of the year and there’s a chance it won’t be renewed, everyone is pretty sure that the recent improvements are due to the staff’s genuine care for student comments and concerns.

These improvements include, but are not limited to:

  1. New silverware that is both heavier and more hygienic. Now you can actually find a spoon.
  2. Napkins are no longer on the tables. Who needs those?
  3. Plates and bowls and cups GALORE— note: the black and gold colors have students feeling all kinds of school spirit while they eat.
  4. The Phase Five Galleria has an incredibly edible meal once a week that allows college students to feel like they’re living the high life. Crab cakes and steak have been among the options that students can spend 10 of their hard earned terrier bucks on.
  5. If you’ve been to Burwell recently, you’ve surely seen the new signs: signs here, there and everywhere encouraging you to pick up a rotten banana (perfect for banana bread), or impressing upon you the knowledge that your tomato came from a local farmer.

This list is endless, as are these improvements. Students feel more confident than ever that their tuition is being put to a good use.

DISCLAIMER: Article part of Old Black & Blue

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