The Fall of Wofford College

The end is nigh.

The values that Wofford College once held in high esteem are now trampled upon by the whiny “me” generation that inhabits my alma mater. The values that Wofford College once held in high esteem have been thrown aside by the administration that has decided the “liberal” in “liberal arts” matters more than a good education. The values that Wofford College once held in high esteem have led to an increasingly off-putting atmosphere on-campus, and I can no longer remain silent about it.

The end is nigh.

The students of Wofford College have always been pushed to think critically and to welcome a challenge to their opinions, as it should be. However, today it seems Wofford’s student body welcomes those that agree with the left-aligned, perpetuating the echo chamber that keeps our nation divided.

President Samhat panders to the whiny, snowflake left-wingers on campus, electing to issue a statement against our country’s president as if his opinion matters. It does not. He has no right to speak freely as it limits the free speech of our students and therefore stifles a fundamental American right. Back in my day, the sensible conservatives were the majority on campus. Now, they still are the majority, but it’s harder to boast about it. Every time a conservative makes a statement, it is challenged instead of lauded, a clear bias on campus. Who is Samhat to speak on the values of Wofford? The school should have no opinion on any moral issue whatsoever; it should stop taking stances against sexual assault, discrimination and plagiarism as it stifles those who ignore consent, hate minorities and download papers from the internet. We value those students’ rights and opinions as much as anyone!

The end is nigh.

It seems Wofford has lowered its academic standards. What happened to the Wofford College that stood at the helm of a Southern education? Now we let anyone into our school as long as he or she fits the “diversity” initiative. I have seen many students of color on Wofford’s marketing materials, and I must say, I am impressed. I didn’t know so many athletes met the GPA requirement to get into Wofford. This is, of course, sarcasm. It seems they were merely let in for their athletic gifts rather than their hard work in high school. We reward their genetically muscular bodies instead of a more qualified student’s mind, a far cry from how Wofford used to be. Indeed, affirmative action has devalued the quality of education at Wofford. I mean, no one really believes a brown boy is more qualified than the many eligible white young men that apply.

We let them march around campus in support of the domestic terrorist group called “Black Lives Matter.” Well, of course black lives matter, but it seems the blacks themselves don’t comprehend this phrase. Blacks commit most of the crimes against blacks and, I presume, most are drug-related. In stating this obvious fact, I will be deemed a “racist” even though I interact with blacks every day including inside my home. I often say hello to a black woman named Sheila before she cleans my house and does my laundry. I am no racist; I am a realist.

If you have an attitude with an officer, you deserve to be shot. If you resist arrest in any way, you should be shot. If you are selling loose cigarettes, you deserve to be shot. If you walk around with a hoodie in your own neighborhood, you deserve to be shot. If you protest, sing about black pride at the Super Bowl, wear a hijab, listen to hip-hop music or have more melanin in your skin than most, we are probably better off without you. I mean, our boys in blue have a hard job and must protect their lives; they can’t trust that a thug is not armed because that puts their own life on the line. And when they do their job and kill off one of those fatherless hoodlums, police are labeled as “racist” before they even say “hello.” Where is the march for Blue Lives Matter? It seems police are always in danger, at least until they remove their uniform every night. Blacks will never understand this discrimination.

The end is nigh.

I see beautiful girls all over our marketing materials, which is fine. I appreciate the efforts of the administration to show off their diversity in this area, but I have yet to see any articles that show women’s academic contributions to campus. I understand that most of them are only searching for a husband much like my wife did when I attended the college; that is, at its worst, a neutral contribution to campus life. However, the other young ladies that decide to focus their attention on supposed “gender inequality” take away from campus as I am sure the well-studied men in attendance are tired of watching the bra-burners whine every day. These girls need to understand their place, close those pretty little mouths and comprehend the fact that gender inequality only exists in their minds.

Indeed, Wofford has changed so much since my graduation back in 1969. I wish that the school would just return to its traditional roots. It was a simpler time then—a time before trigger warnings, and political correctness stifled the valid opinions of those concerned about things like the slow takeover of America by radical Islamic terrorists. Back then, liberals weren’t even allowed to speak up about whatever they deem as “relevant” as it contradicted the majority and therefore had no place. Back then, free speech was a virtue. Back then, women knew what a privilege it was for them even to attend a college like Wofford. Back then, women understood gender equality. Back then, our dark-skinned peers understood they were here to entertain the student body and win us championships— not march on our sacred grounds in the name of a terror group disguised as social justice. Back then, blacks understood where protests led you: 6 feet under, like the quack Martin Luther King Jr. Back then, we didn’t let people walk around with their heads covered. Back then, we valued our culture built on Christian values, not sharia law. Back then, we valued Wofford as an institution.

The end is nigh, Wofford College. Or maybe, it has already come and gone.

Gerry Atrick ‘69

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