2017 Helmus Writing and Photography Contest winners



1st place: Mary Hurston Zuelke for “365 Stories”

2nd place: Bre Lillie for “No Parking”

3rd place: AJ Bedenbaugh-Cortes for “Kin”


1st place: poetry by Thatcher Moses (“Bored to Death” and “Arsonist of the Heart”)

2nd place: poetry by Bre Lillie (“Apple Cart”)

3rd place: poetry by Riley Garrison (“Painting the White House Yellow” and “Bread and Tomatoes”)

Honorable mention: poetry by Steele Smith (“I Love It” and “Heavenly Bodies”); poetry by Abigail Logue (“Leave the Lights On When You Go”)


1st place: Porter Crockard for “Highway 5”

2nd place: Porter Crockard for “Fishermen on the Rocks”

3rd place: Hisham Qadri for “Tidal Motion”

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