Letter from the Editors

By: Kelsey Aylor and Sheridan Kate Murray, Co-Editors

The Wofford campus as remembered by alumni is vastly different to the one that you as first-year students are currently acclimating to. Since our freshman years, we have seen the campus expand to include a new Greek Village, our first center for the arts and a state-of-the-art indoor stadium. There have been changes in administration, welcoming President Nayef Samhat in 2013 and Provost Mike Sosulski last year, and changes in how the college has run (there was one year we didn’t start on Labor Day, which caused more of an issue than our regular start on the national holiday).
The people, places and things of the college are constantly evolving and adapting to accommodate the fast-paced world we live in, but if there’s one thing that has remained constant, it is the Wofford community. We are Wofford strong. Regardless of our differences, our backgrounds, our alliances, when it comes time to sing the Alma Mater, we do so proudly.
Wofford has truly become our home, allowing its students to grow into intelligent, civically minded stewards to the community. The community allows for its members to flourish, providing for professional and personal growth and consistently displaying its dedication to service and community outreach. We have become the best versions of ourselves while at Wofford and cannot imagine a more nourishing, supportive and dedicated environment to complete our undergraduate careers in.
Wofford has its issues – everywhere in the world does. And as the country and even the world becomes more and more divided on issues of race, religion, gender and other polarizing issues, we have seen these divisions played out at Wofford. However, our community places an emphasis on open and respectful discourse, allowing every student a place and a voice on our campus.
Our hope for you, the Class of 2021, is that this community will continue to thrive in your capable hands. Wofford has come a long way since its founding and still has a long way to go. Change is only possible at the hands of Wofford’s students. Be bold, be kind and go forward with confidence. We wish you the best of luck as you begin your college journey and hope the Wofford community provides you as much support as it has for us.

Go Terriers!

-Kelsey Aylor and Sheridan Kate Murray, Co-Editors in Chief

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