Senioritis and sno-cones

By: Kelsey Aylor, Co-Editor-in-Chief

To be completely honest, when I moved back onto Wofford’s campus to start my senior year, I was probably anything but excited. To clarify, I had lived on campus all summer working in the Spartanburg area. I had 10 days at home before I moved back to Wofford a week before the official move in day so that I could work a different on-campus job. Pretty much, I didn’t have a summer, so the idea of starting school loomed ahead of me as another long road of work and business. And to top it all off, I’ve been a sentimental wreck as I reflect on the fact that I’m somehow a senior now.

I honestly don’t know how I got to be in my last year of undergraduate education. What’s even more daunting is the fact that I still have not even the slightest idea or plan for my postgrad life/career path. People ask what I want to do and, rather than thinking about graduation, my first thought is, “Get through the week.”

If you’ll learn one thing about me, it’s that I tend to take on a lot at one time. I find myself interested and invested in so many different things, so I can’t help but say “sure” at the next big proposal. These first few weeks, I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of things. Between my classes (both ones for credit and ones I’m auditing), my four jobs and other extracurriculars, it’s been a whirlwind. On top of it all, motivation is at an all time low. I’ve spent the past 16 years of my life in school and now that I’m an adult with greater levels of independence and responsibility afforded to me, I feel even more drained when I go through my classes and work.

It has felt like I’ve been constantly working, which has been disheartening when I think of the other things I wish I could be doing, especially since my time at Wofford is limited. It’s been a process of learning to do my work and let myself be busy, but also knowing when to take a step back and let myself take a breather. And honestly, finding this balance has been an ongoing process since freshman year.

Thankfully, this past weekend, after working most of the day Saturday, I texted a group of friends and basically told them to go to Pelican’s with me. We ventured out and were able to laugh and chat, and, for just that bit of time, I was able to forget about the assignments, the deadlines, the meetings. Although a small gesture that lasted a short period of time, it’s moments like these, of sitting on the porch watching the sunset, or of driving around the city with the windows down and the music up, that bring me back to reality. Amidst all the stress of school and work, the mixture of anxiety and nostalgia at being a senior and the worry of wasting precious time, sometimes it just takes a sno-cone to be reassured.

One thought on “Senioritis and sno-cones

  • September 21, 2017 at 11:42 PM

    Eat the sno-cone! Eat them more often and stop worrying so much. Love you precious girl.


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