Burwell Bites, part 2

By: Julie Woodson and Abby Truitt, Contributing Writers; Kelsey Aylor, co-Editor-in-Chief

After three weeks of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the new Burwell, we have been pleasantly surprised with the changes enforced by AVI. However, as with every transition period, there have been some growing pains. Many students are still upset by the long lines and technical issues, and some dishes aren’t as impressive as others. While we may not love everything we’ve tried, here are a few more dishes that we enjoy.

S’mores Pizza

What’s better than dessert pizza? In our opinion, nothing. It’s a combination of two of our favorite major food groups, so it would be pretty hard not to create something amazing. The s’mores pizza featured regular pizza crust with melted marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle and graham cracker crumbs. It was not overpoweringly sweet and it was served warm, which only added to the experience. Eating this dish reminded us of spending time around a campfire and outdoor fun, something we desperately want right now with the craziness of school.

Peanut Butter

You may have already seen this announcement scrolling on the tv screens in Burwell, but AVI makes their own freshly ground, homemade peanut butter. We’ve had the peanut butter multiple times, and it is reliably good – the texture and consistency are good, the flavor is just right as it is slightly sweetened. We have found that it is excellent on its own, atop a slice of toast with some banana or even heated up and swirled in with some soft serve ice cream. Above all, it is comforting to know it is house-made and fresh, rather than coming from a years-old vat of peanut butter that has been processed in a random location.

Couscous Salad

One definite overall improvement to Burwell is the salad bar. The options are more varied and look significantly fresher. One discovery we absolutely love is the couscous salad located at the end of the bar. It contains roasted vegetables and herbs (which we can tell are fresh!) and is great to eat mixed with your salad, or even on its own. The strong and refreshing basil flavor helps to make this simple topping surprisingly delicious.

La Croix (Burwell Hack)

Our friend Will Randall revealed to us a Burwell hack to make your experience even better. For all you La Croix fans out there, you can make your own version for free (rather, for a meal swipe) at Burwell. Fill up a glass with sparkling water and then add a splash of your juice of choice. This cheaper alternative is almost like the real thing and definitely adds excitement to your beverage choices. Stay hydrated, Wofford!

We are still looking forward to seeing what other options the new Burwell will provide students with. Let us know what you think, and send us any suggestions or Burwell hacks that you know of!

Eat well. Live well. B-well.

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