Hopes for Homecoming

By: Lydia Estes, Staff Writer

The annual return of alumni to campus for a weekend of reunions spanning generations is traditionally named so: homecoming, the coming home of past students who once called Wofford College home from September to May. Homecoming is now a week-long list of events for students who currently call Wofford home.

Mary Margaret Holden, chair of Wofford Activities Council, says that Homecoming is a great week for WAC to provide a place for students to come and be a part of the student body of Wofford.

“This is our goal for Homecoming and for WAC in general,” Holden adds.

WAC is a Campus Union organization that works to plan numerous events consistently scheduled over the year, with Homecoming as a main focus in the fall. WAC intends to partner with several other student organizations throughout the year, a new goal according to Holden.

This year’s Homecoming festivities will feature 6 days of events beginning on Monday, Oct. 16.

Monday: WAC hopes to partner with AVI for special Founder’s Day-themed desserts and an aqua massage, which WAC also brought to campus last spring.

Tuesday: Trivia night at The Space will feature exciting prizes.

Wednesday: All students are welcome to attend the Mr. Wofford competition in Leonard auditorium.

Thursday: According to Holden, WAC hopes to create a fair-themed night with a Ferris wheel, cotton candy, snow cones and swings.

Friday: As per usual, free dinner provided at Phase V, live music and a special Homecoming meal will carry the Homecoming festivities into the weekend. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. the 4th annual Black Alumi Summit will be hosted at the Meadors Multicultural House. Later in the evening, beginning at 7 p.m., the Marriott will host the 18th annual Terrie Ball Auction & Gala.

Saturday: In a partnership with the student-athlete association, WAC hopes to coordinate a tailgate open to the entire campus body to encourage students to attend the football game, where the Homecoming Queen will also be announced.

Drew Copeland, who represented Kappa Sigma Fraternity for Mr. Wofford 2016, recalls last year’s event.

“It was interesting, even though I wasn’t really sure how it would operate or what to expect. I was nominated by my fraternity to participate in the competition,” Copeland says. He was named Mr. Wofford last fall and was part of the Homecoming celebrations during half time at the football game. The Wofford Terriers will play Samford University at this year’s Homecoming game.

For a full schedule of events, go to https://www.wofford.edu/homecoming/weekendSchedule/

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