Communication, club baseball, and college sustainability

By: Chandler Compton, contributing writer

On a day when the thoughts of many Americans were consumed by the events in Las Vegas, Nev., the students of Campus Union proved to be no exception. To begin the Oct. 2 meeting, Chaplain Smiling ‘18 offered to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of the shooting’s victims and historian Grant Page ‘19 expressed sincere sadness for the lives lost and affected in his opening remarks. All members of the assembly complied with Chaplain Smiling’s request and shared historian Page’s sentiments without reservation.

Assembly members approved the allocation of $1,825 to fully fund the club baseball team, setting the remaining Campus Union fall budget to $6,175. Sophomore delegate Fredy Madrid ’20, responsible for sponsoring the proposal, stated the funds were necessary for paying dues to the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) and funding competition in a tournament later this year. The club baseball team president Jake Brogdon ‘18 and numerous team members were present in the meeting, which was duly noted by members of the assembly.

Brogdon emphasized the team’s certification under the NCBA was essential to giving the team legitimacy in competition with neighboring schools. Members of the assembly supporting the proposal argued that the formalization of the club baseball program added another outlet for student involvement on campus and could be attractive for high school students considering coming to Wofford.

Junior delegate Omar Elmore ‘19 sponsored a proposal by Dixie McCollum ‘19 to begin recycling glass on Wofford’s campus. Elmore underlines that Wofford currently recycles several materials on campus, but glass remains an exception. A key feature of the college’s strategic vision, revealed in Oct. 2014, was an effort “to promote sustainability and energy efficiency,” which was reflected in the proposal. The proposal passed with unanimous approval from the assembly.

In the practice of “breakout sessions,” delegates from each graduating class congregated independently to raise concerns and introduce proposals for issues facing their constituents. President Drake McCormick ‘18 took the questions and concerns raised in these talks straight to Dr. Samhat and his cabinet for discussion on the afternoon of Oct. 3rd.

President McCormick was joined by treasurer Trey Williams ‘19 and junior delegate Mattie Weldon ‘19 for his meeting with Dr. Samhat and his cabinet. The improvement of communication within Wofford’s community was a major facet of McCormick’s platform during his spring 2017 election campaign and the focus has continued into his first full semester in office. The afternoon’s talks with Dr. Samhat focused on improving student access to the administration, which is a prominent goal of McCormick’s agenda. Dr. Samhat emphasized that the cabinet is eager to hear student’s concerns and discuss potential solutions to problems students are having. Initiative strategies include the creation of panel discussions with cabinet members to encourage conversation on Wofford’s pressing issues.

President McCormick wants student to feel encouraged to pursue any interest they may have around campus, regardless of how unique an idea may seem. For McCormick, the Campus Union assembly hopes to serve as a facilitating force for student interests of every variety while also meeting the needs of students. McCormick energetically expressed his hope that all Wofford students will begin to feel more comfortable voicing their opinions on campus.

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