Rules of the Roz

By: Omar K. Elmore, senior writer

On Nov. 7, the Fine Arts Advisory Committee met to discuss student access to the Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center for the Arts and the exhibitions planned for the new galleries.

Though several classes have key card access to the Digital Studio in the Arts Center, the committee discussed changing the policy in order to protect the hardware in the room including Mac computers and 3D printers. Student lab workers will rotate shifts in the studio, monitoring the lab and making sure all patrons follow the rules. Students will only be able to access the lab when monitors are present. A schedule for the studio is posted on its entrance.

The committee also discussed ways to encourage students to hang out in the Arts Center throughout the week. There are several spaces in the building wherein students can study, including the café lounge area on the middle floor and several classrooms when classes are not already claiming the areas. Like other academic buildings including Daniel and Milliken, the Arts Center is available to all students including those who are not pursuing degrees in the arts.

Including the Martha Chapman Gallery in Campus Life, Wofford now has five distinct gallery spaces. With the new gallery spaces in the Arts Center, faculty has new opportunities to bring professional artists to campus.

Until Dec. 21, the Richardson Family Art Museum houses In the Service of Teaching and Learning: An Inaugural Exhibition of the Wofford Fine Arts Collection. According to the Wofford arts website, the exhibition includes “selected works from the collection that span the bronze age in the ancient Near East to late twentieth century America and comprise a vital educational resource that strengthens, supports and contributes to academic research on campus.”

The exhibition also aims to show exactly the kind of potential that the space has: “By showcasing various cultural and historical objects, this exhibition presents a unique opportunity for cross-disciplinary teaching and learning that contributes to the superior liberal arts education at Wofford College.”

Students also have a chance to have their art displayed in the building. If one walks through the building, one will notice several classes have taken over wall space. Further, the 3D design class installed several works under the staircase near the entrance to the theater.

Upstairs in the Richardson Family Art Gallery, Sheridan Kate Murray ’19 has her own work displayed. Recipient of the Whetsell Fellowship, Murray’s project Dying on the Vine hangs in the space.

Established in 2006, the fellowship allows a Wofford student the opportunity to pursue study in some aspect of the visual arts under the guidance of a mentor with the fellowship taking on the costs of supplies and instruction. Students interested in the fellowship should submit a letter of application, portfolio and resume to Wofford College Curator Youmi Efurd. More information will be available in the coming weeks through the Daily Announcements.

During April, students can also submit works to the Juried Student Art Exhibition which will be in the Richardson Family Art Gallery. In May, art and art history students will have their capstone projects in the same space.

According to Dr. Karen Goodchild, the best way for students to get their work shown around the college is to pursue majors and minors in the arts.

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