Greek Life 101:

By: Will Harper, staff writer

As we enter into the second year of spring Panhellenic recruitment and IFC rush at Wofford, many students are likely anticipating the process and wondering what joining a Greek organization will entail.

As someone who experienced fraternity rush last spring, my advice for male students is to attend rush events. While you should certainly continue to focus on school work as we inch closer to finals, attending events with brothers is the best way to assess your best fit, outside of a social party scene. I highly recommend this during interim as well, when you, as well as the members of the organizations, have a lot less on their plates. Try to attend as many rush events as possible if you feel that Greek life is indeed for you.

Smokers occur February 15-17 for men interested in joining a fraternity. It is essential that men have a coat, tie and khakis for this process. Men are walked around to each house and given a certain amount of time to talk to brothers at each location. They are invited back by organizations that would like to have them as members each day. As a side note, each fraternity already has a list of guys they would like to recruit, which is why it is so important to go to rush events prior to smokers.

The situation is similar for women. They are walked around the houses once each night, and there are themes for each night. They also make a selection of houses they prefer, something that the men do not really do. Then, you choose. By the third day, you need to deny all but the organization that you wish to join.

For men, all the PNM (potential new members) are seated in Leonard Auditorium in Old Main and the name of each is read. You go and sign the letter behind the curtain, then exit and shake the hand of the president of the fraternity that you’re joining. For sororities, the Bid Day proceedings involve running out to your organization and being surrounded by your new sisters.

Spring rush and recruitment are in place to ensure that men and women end up in the right fraternities and sororities. With spring recruitment approaching rapidly, I encourage everyone intending to rush to prepare for the process.

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