“Stick a fork in me”

By: Kelsey Aylor, editor-in-chief

Two years ago, I remember laughing at a friend who was entering into his last semester of college because whenever anyone brought up that fact, he’d reply in exasperation, “Stick a fork in me!” As a sophomore, I thought for sure he was just being dramatic. However, as I enter into my own final semester, his words ring a bit too true.

There’s something oddly bittersweet about this time. Between trying to remain motivated to finish out strong and then scrambling to apply for internships, fellowships and jobs following graduation, I’ve been so busy that it really hasn’t hit that I’m leaving. I feel as if I’m in this weird middle ground, suspended between wanting more time at Wofford and also trying my hardest to get out of here.

Of course, there are still things that I can’t bear the thought of leaving. From my friends who have become like my family, the professors who have encouraged me and pushed me to further myself, even to Ms. Cathy’s omelets and Pancake Thursdays, Wofford has left me with so many wonderful memories.

My final semester began not quite perfectly. Although I enjoyed my Interim class, the month of January was marked with a multitude of personal problems. My computer broke (right before an important interview no less), I injured my lower back making everything from walking to sitting to even lying down painful, I had to take my car into the shop twice – the list can go on. January was a tough month and made me anxious for how the semester would start.

If I were to find the silver linings to my mess of a first month, most of the things I dealt with were very adult. It was like a mini crash course into the world of adulthood and responsibility. And that’s probably the scariest part to the idea of leaving Wofford – after May 20, I will officially be expected to be a fully contributing member of society. No more mooching off my parents or living in a suspended world between student and adult.

Maybe I’m naïve or immature to be so nervous thinking about the future, but if there’s one thing I can say confidently, it’s that I think Wofford has prepared me for the real world. Yes, I’m a walking cliché right now, but Wofford has helped me grow personally and professionally. Thank God, I’ve changed so much since freshman year. So, as I move further into this final semester, despite the stress and nervousness about the future, I hope to keep this mindset with me: to focus on myself and how I can still change and improve myself and to be grateful toward what I’ve already been given and what I have yet to receive from Wofford.

I’m a senior. I’m emotional and sentimental, I’m excited yet regretful, I’m ready for the next big thing one minute and wishing I could go back in time the next. I’m happy, then sad, then stressed, then carefree. Through it all though, I love my school. Stick a fork in me.

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