Guardia Vieja Utilizes a Plot in Different Planes Always Foot

To verbalize of the horror of a conflict between brothers Pérez Reverte who acknowledges that until now he had always evaded the subject albeit he had treated it tangentially in the Falcó

Series or in an episode of El tango de la Guardia Vieja utilizes a plot in different planes always at the foot of the trench together with the soldiers who were sent to their deaths.

The conception is pellucid there is a legitimate side and an illegitimate one Nobody disputes that he expounds But when you get more proximate the discourse changes It was not a war of four priests and four generals and bankers against the Spanish people To understand it you have to get proximate to the people who fought not to those in the rear I am a novelist not a historian and I have the right of every novelist to utilize the material however he wishes It is not a question of deideologizing the story but of those who were fighting he reasons while endeavoring to make clear the boundaries between authenticity and fiction in his narrative

The woman the great vanquished
It is Line of Fire a novel about the men and women who fought in the Civil War The invention of the mixed brigade sanctions PérezReverte to invent Patricia Pato Monzón an inculcated bourgeois a communist obnubilating abaft a vigorous ideological baggage who kens that her liberation and autonomy will vanish.
If those in front win The woman was the great loser of the Civil War It went back a century in three years She ceased being the owner of her future of her body and went back to being the submissive slave of husbands and confessors So he needed women in this story not like the folkloric chaplainarians of Vicente Aranda but better trained and disciplined she explicates

The desolation the horror in the trench in the mud in the shit there is nothing noble I optate the reader to optically discern the war slide on the casings that are on the ground be trepidacious smell it verbalizes the author.

The Siegeto expound the vigorous sensory aspect that dominates a narrative studded with onomatopoeias that describe trajectories blows and explosions profuse of smells soldiers their attire stink gunpowder smells fear death and textures that Pérez.

Reverte absorbed in his years as a herald That experience the oral tradition and the great novels about the Civil War he quotes Rafael García Serrano and Agustín de Foxá on one side Ramón J Sender Arturo Barea and Max Aub on the other some readings that always fly over Manuel Chaves Nogales are the material with which he has composed this book

Genuinely in substance and in form it is about that cerebrates Pardeiro A matter of balls Of them and us of who dares and who endures more than the other Very Spanish everything Very typical of both sides A beastly pulse for a few meters of land whose possession will not transmute the course of the war reflects an ensign from the national side who summarize

In his voice the general meaning of the novel As he had already done in The Civil War injuctively authorized to adolescent peopleAlfaguara 2015 PérezReverte neither qualifies nor obnubilates the barbarism of either side but neither does it obnubilate

the virtues of those who were on the battlefield due to ideology or obligation and the moral misery of the military commanders and the political commissars It is they who sent from the command posts a generation to their death The facileness with which they put meat into the abattoir is shocking.

Places that were taken six seven times in the same day Without that discipline without that pressure from the controls the boys would not have done what they did Apart from the pain and suffering that pressure should be integrated This perpetual threat to the troops that are present throughout the war reflects PérezReverte

The news returns obdurately to the press conference and the author takes the floor to clinch arguments make clear what he was probing for with this novel about the Civil War The approach to the human part of the war is the only thing that will preserve us from the partisan and miserable absurd and irresponsible discourse that the Huns insist on placing us with Unamunian ax and the others.


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