New York Post Murdoch’s tabloid also abandons Trump

The isolation of Donald Trump in his attempt to reverse the presidential elections of November 3 was more palpable this Sunday with the New York Post editorial , the tabloid of businessman Rupert Murdoch and one of the most staunch defenders of the president.

“Mr. President, it is time to end this dark farce,” starts the Post’s text , in which he accuses the New York tycoon of promoting “an undemocratic coup” by trying to boycott the certification, on January 6 in Congress, of the votes that make Democrat Joe Biden president.

The cover of the printed edition of this Monday gathers, with its characteristic large capital letters, the same idea: “Stop the madness, you have lost the elections.”

The New York newspaper grants Trump the right to investigate the scrutiny if he harbored suspicions or doubts about the electoral process, but emphasizes that those inquiries “have found nothing.”

“To give two examples,” he notes, “your campaign paid three million dollars for a recount in two Wisconsin counties and [after that new recount] you lost by 87 more votes. Georgia conducted two State Recounts and both confirmed Biden’s victory. “

Along these lines, the editorial describes Sidney Powell, the lawyer who pointed out the late Hugo Chávez as the instigator of the alleged electoral fraud, as a “crazy person”. He also points out that the suggestion of his recently pardoned former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to resort to martial law amounts to “treason” and is “shameful.”

“We understand, Mr. President, that you are angry that you lost. But continuing like this will be ruinous.

As a newspaper that has supported you, we advise you this: if you want to cement your influence, even lay the foundations for a future return, you must channel your anger towards something more productive, ”says the Post , which called for the vote for Trump in both 2016 and in 2020.

“The Democrats will treat you as an aberration that only lasted one term and, frankly, you are helping them.” “King Lear of Mar-a-Lago, crying out against corruption in the world,” adds the editorial.

The New York tycoon, now on Christmas vacation at his Florida mansion, remains stubborn in denying Biden’s victory, arguing a fraud operation that the courts have dismissed – after more than 50 lawsuits – and that the Justice Department has not found either.

The great priests of the Republican Party have also already recognized Biden as president-elect. Several presenters from the conservative Fox, also from Murdoch, have distanced themselves from her accusations. The Post editorial further relegates conspiracy theories about the election and the president’s baffling campaign to circumvent the polls and cling to power.

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