Alares Announces A Plan To Create 700 Jobs For People With Disabilities

Alares, a company specialized in caring for people, has announced the creation of 700 jobs for people with disabilities during the period 2021-23. During the last quarter of 2021 and 2022, the company plans to hire 200-300 people with disabilities. The plan foresees the creation of new jobs within the Alares group, selection of personnel for other companies and collaborations with other entities. The rest of the hires are scheduled for 2023.

The offers will be published on the portal and in it people with the disability certificate from different professional areas will be able to apply: Administration, Customer Service, Commercial, IT, Cleaning, Marketing and Communication, Socio-health professions (Nursing, Speech therapy , Medicine, Psychology, Social Work, Support Unit, etc.), Reception and Human Resources.

Candidates can also leave their CV at the following link. The company offers: a work-life balance and well-being plan (Alares 360º Plan), training by the company, a stable position, the possibility of teleworking, integration in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and a good work environment.

Said hiring plan foresees a change of mentality regarding the labor insertion of people with disabilities. According to the latest analysis of perceptions of the Alares Observatory, the three sectors where people with disabilities are most perceived are: Contact center, cleaning and lotteries. However, this group is hardly associated with sectors such as commerce and sales, legal and legal sector, health or information technology, according to the Observatory.

Many of the new signings become part of the Alares Special Employment Center; of which almost 90% are people with disabilities and about half have a permanent contract.

Removing stigmas
Currently, 60% of people with mental disabilities are unemployed, which implies a greater degree of dependency and increases the risk of poverty. In response to this social need, Alares has practiced positive discrimination in employment contracts for more than 20 years in favor of people with disabilities, helping to eliminate stigmas and reduce existing inequality in society.

In 2020, for example, 205 new hires of people with disabilities were made. 30% came from groups that are especially vulnerable and difficult to insert, such as people with severe disabilities. These hires translate into results with economic growth. For example, the contact center business line, managed entirely by people with disabilities,

Recognizing diversity is working for disability
With this commitment, Alares wants to show its commitment to diversity and inclusion within the Spanish business fabric. The company, which promotes organizations such as the Foundation for Diversity, assumes the concept of innodiversity in its management model; which means that innovation and diversity must go hand in hand.

According to this approach, companies that know how to manage their diversity (gender, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, age, functional diversity ??) are more competitive and obtain better results.

According to Javier Benavente Barrón, president of Alares, in Spain there are more than 4 million people with disabilities or dependents. “This forces us to adapt to their characteristics, both that of people with functional diversity, as well as that of their families; which gives us the opportunity to innovate in designs and offer new services designed by these people for those who have the same circumstances. and needs “. In fact, according to the latest trend analysis from the Alares Observatory, 40% of consumers prefer to buy a product or service provided by a person with a disability compared to other criteria such as price.

Legal imperative with high economic and social impact
At the legal level, any company that has more than 50 workers has to hire at least 2% of people with disabilities. Companies that exceptionally cannot hire this percentage can take alternative measures and make a responsible purchase from the Alares Special Employment Center. In addition to complying with the law, you get other benefits.

For example, when faced with competitions, it allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, since at equal prices, the most responsible company in social and disability matters has preferences.

At the social level, real equality of opportunities is promoted, favoring the employability and inclusion of people with disabilities. From this fact, not only the person with disabilities benefits, but society itself and public administrations, since they achieve savings in terms of unemployment.

On the other hand, in line with its commitment to society, Fundación Alares, an entity promoted by Alares, also offers non-binding guidance, technical advice and help in everything that any company needs to comply with the law.

Alares provides outsourcing or outsourcing services. In addition, the company offers assistance services to employees (Alares 360º Conciliation Plan), social consulting and gender training, contact center services, outsourcing of processes and personnel-intensive activities, and services to attract and retain customers.

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