COVID 19 Has Strict Regulations For 2022

Contagion by Covid-19 continues at a high in the world on Christmas Eve, a consequence of the rapid spread of the Ômicron variant , which motivated Spain and Greece to impose again the mandatory use of the mask on the streets from this Friday (24) .

In his Christmas speech, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will appeal to his fellow countrymen to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, after the country surpassed 100,000 new cases in 24 hours in the last two days. .

For Christmas, “there is always something wonderful that you can give as a gift to your family and the entire country […] to get vaccinated, either with the first, second or booster dose”, he says in the message that will be conveyed this Friday.

In the region of Catalonia, Spain, authorities resumed the curfew from 1 am to 6 am and limited meetings to a maximum of ten people before the Christmas festivities.

Greece determined the use of masks in closed and open places from this Friday until the 2nd of January. “There is a lot of movement during the holiday season, and the crowds gather in the open,” said Health Minister Thanos Plevris.

The Italian government also intends to resume the mandatory use of masks in open places, but has not released the date on which the measure will take effect.

In the United States, where the omicron variant is dominant, 265,770 new cases were registered last Thursday (23), but the balance did not deter millions of citizens from traveling to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year with their families.

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