After 35 years of career as a writer Arturo Revert knows Novel

I am a novelist Im not here to smooth things over I dont have an ideological mission After 35 years of career as a writer Arturo Revert knows that a novel.

About the Civil War is more than a novel and that however you look at it the presentation this morning of Line of FireAlfaguara in bookstores from today was going to be peppered with references.

Current politics The discourse that is being made about the war is very simple A speech of good and bad I know both the far right and the far left are not going to like it If this novel.

Produces a certain discomfort for people who use war in an ideological way that makes me happy The wound of the Civil War was not open they have reopened it When there is no intellectual basis nor is there a serious policy nor is there an ideology based on knowledge.

There is a bastard tendency to use black and white the easy as a political argument As the current political class does not have that solvent ideological discourse they resort to the Civil War.

Which is perfect for this The new generations of politicians lack this intellectual plane and resort to Manichean arguments to make up for their deficiencies As memory has disappeared in the study plans the receiver is a young man.

The capacity to reason those false speeches emitted by ignorant people he commented this morning in a central hotel in Madrid

Line of fire takes place in the first 10 days of the Battle of the Ebro the last great offensive of the Republic the beginning of its final fall It is a choral.

Novel supported by a great sense of rhythm in which Pérez Revert Cartagena 68 years old shows the best and the worst of each side To do this he resorts to two fictional.

Elements the XI Mixed Brigade of the republican army and the town of Castellets del Segre around which one and the other all extremely young fight to the point of exhaustion.

It was a very Spanish war in everything in bad milk in defiance That mixture of resentment of the one who fights and that you know the one you kill is very Spanish What a pity that all that youth were burnen.

In such an infamous way and without benefiting more than a few Can you imagine what those people could have contributed to Spain if they had survived For this reason when I hear politicians of both signs speak with joy and irresponsibility and an extreme ignorance of what the horror was I ask myself  dare.

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