BOCM Provides Broad Exceptions To Madrid’s Soft Curfew

The regional government prohibits nightly gatherings of non-cohabitants from Saturday and returns to the restrictions by health zones as of Monday, which will affect 671,259 people from 12 municipalities

The Official Bulletin of the Community of Madrid BOCM has published Saturday the new rules to be followed in the region once decay at 1647 the alarm state decreed by the Government on 9 October in nine municipalities

The new general measures for the entire region contemplate the return to basic health areas with mobility and schedule restrictions as of Monday

In order to implement these limitations included in both orders a judicial ratification of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid is required which until now has endorsed all the actions of the regional government

These are the new general measures announced this Friday by the Minister of Health Enrique Ruiz Escudero the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the covid19 plan Antonio Zapatero and the general director of Public Health Elena Andradas and today published in the BOCM

Maximum six people The maximum number of meetings is six people unless they are living together throughout the day and for the entire community for the development of any activity or event of a family or social nature both on public roads and in public spaces and private

Night meetings of nonpartners are prohibited This is the main novelty

Madrid imposes its own version of the curfew which is for activity and not for mobility and prohibits social gatherings throughout the region in public and private spaces from 0000 to 600 except for cohabitants and except for exceptional reasons Assistance and care for the elderly the sick dependents or people with disabilities due to force majeure or a situation of need

On the other hand transportation will not be restricted since there are people who work and have to go home the counselor clarified on Friday

There are exceptions for certain activities that are regulated by their own capacity Nor will it be applicable in the case of labor and institutional activities that time limit says the BOCM That is to say during that time you can walk circulate work

Hotels and restaurants The bar service is suspended as it was already included in the alarm status at the indoor table the capacity is maintained at 50 and on the terraces it is increased to 75 In the banquet halls the capacity is limited to 50

Bars and restaurants will not be able to open before 600 am and the closing will be at 0000 not being able to admit customers from 1100 pm

Thus Madrid returns to the hours before the state of alarm which cut the closure by one hour The schedule also applies to gaming and betting establishments where the capacity is also reduced to 50

Commerce Commercial retail and professional service provision establishments may not start operations before 600 am and must close at 1000 pm except for those that provide essential services such as pharmacies or gas stations

The capacity is set at 75 in the alarm state it was 50 Shopping centers where there are cinemas restaurants or entertainment may close at 0000

Shows Cinemas auditoriums theaters tent circuses and establishments for public shows and recreational activities have a capacity of 75 except for multipurpose multipurpose rooms such as the Wizink Center which remain as they were at 40

They must also close at 0000 as well as the university residences and colleges where between 0000 and 600 only workers and residents may be

Sport Sports facilities may not open before 600 and must close at 0000 In gyms the capacity is reduced to 50 and group sports to six people The use of a mask will be mandatory indoors but not outdoors as a general rule

Parks and gardens They will remain open until 0000 and closed from that time until 600

Burials and wakes In funeral facilities the capacity is reduced to 50 as well as in places of worship For them the time limitation from 0000 to 600 does not apply

Weddings Wedding ceremonies and other religious or civil celebrations may be held in all types of facilities public or private either in openair spaces or closed spaces provided that 50 of their capacity is not exceeded

Academies Nonregulated training centers have a capacity of 50

Measures for health zones
In addition to these measures of general application there are greater restrictions on mobility and capacity for 32 basic health areas in 12 municipalities including the capital Madrid where there are affected areas in nine districts

The BOCM has also published the order regulating these restrictions which comes into effect on Monday for a period of two weeks

The rest of the municipalities where areas are closed are Collado Villalba Guadarrama Majadahonda Pozuelo de Alarcón Parla Colmenar Viejo Morata de Tajuña Torrejón de Ardoz El Boalo Villarejo de Salvanés and Colmenar de Oreja To find out if you live in a red zone you can consult the search engine for streets of EL PAÍS

To set the restrictions an incidence rate of 500 cases per 100000 inhabitants has been established as a reference although there are exceptions

In the affected areas where 671259 people live 10 of the population of Madrid 155 of the cases detected in the last 14 days are concentrated Health warned that in these areas vigilance and control of isolations and quarantines will be extreme and nonessential travel and activities are discouraged

The limitations are included in a new Health Order that will take effect on Monday will last 14 days and are as follows

Perimeter closure The entry and exit of these areas is prohibited except for those properly justified trips for various reasons

Among the exceptions are going to health centers work or educational centers return to the place of habitual residence assistance and care for the elderly minors or dependents and attendance at examinations or judicial administrative or banking procedures

Road traffic that passes or crosses these areas will be allowed in the event that it originates and ends outside of them The movement of residents within these territorial areas is allowed always respecting individual and collective protection measures although the population is discouraged from displacements and nonessential activities according to the BOCM

Hotels and restaurants The catering establishments will have limited capacity to 50 inside and outside and consumption in bars is not allowed

Regarding the schedule customers will not be admitted after 2300 and the closing time will be 0000 except for home deliveries In other words a longer schedule is applied than up to now

The tables must keep the distance of 15 meters and the occupation will be six people per table maximum both inside and outside These limitations also apply at gaming and betting venues

Commerce All commercial establishments may not exceed 50 of the allowed capacity and will have a closing time of 2200 This will not apply to essential establishments such as doctors pharmacists or gas stations

Worship and burials Attendance at places of worship may not exceed a third of their capacity and must guarantee in any case the minimum safety distance of 15 meters as well as the use of a mask

Attendance at wakes is limited to a maximum of 15 people in outdoor spaces and 10 in closed spaces whether or not they are living together

Academies and driving schools The activity carried out in academies driving schools and private centers of nonregulated education is limited to 50 and sports may be carried out in indoor facilities at 50 of the capacity and outdoors at 60

Childrens parks They will not be able to open the playgrounds to try to preserve the bubble groups of the educational centers Andradas explained

Sports The capacity of the sports facilities is 50

Affected areas In the capital mobility is restricted as of Monday in basic health areas of nine districts They are Núñez Morgado in the district of Chamartín Guzmán el Bueno Chamberí San Andrés San Cristóbal and El Espinillo Villaverde Entrevías Peña Prieta Alcalá de Guadaira Rafael Alberti Numancia El Pozo del Tío Raimundo Puente de Vallecas Daroca linear city VinaterosTorito Pavones and Vandel Moratalaz Puerta del Ángel Latina Virgen de Begoña Fuencarral Infanta Mercedes and Villaamil Tetuán

In the rest of the municipalities Collado Villalba Pueblo health area in Collado Villalba Guadarrama Guadarrama Majadahonda Majadahonda San Juan de la Cruz Pozuelo de Alarcón San Blas y Pintores Parla Colmenar Viejo North Colmenar Viejo Morata de Tajuña Morata de Tajuña Las Fronteras and Brújula Torrejón de Ardoz basic health zone of Manzanares el Real includes several locations but restrictions only affect El Boalo basic zone Villarejo de Salvanés only Villarejo de Salvanés basic area of Colmenar de Oreja only Colmenar de Oreja

Are they the same areas as before No only one remains Since the state of alarm came into force the regional government had restricted four health zones that were outside the municipalities affected by the order of the central government Valleaguado Arganda del Rey Sierra de Guadarrama and Colmenar Viejo Norte

The first three have had a very favorable behavior with reductions in the transmission of infections of more than 50 Hence these three areas are removed from the list but Colmenar Viejo Norte remains which will continue with limitations for another 14 days

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