Best Home Vacuum Packaging Machines

The number of appliances and utensils we use in the kitchen continues to grow. The usual thing is to equip it with a kitchen robot , a toaster , a deep fryer , a blender , among other accessories. Everything will depend on our needs. How about a vacuum sealer ?

Although this type of machine is common in certain establishments, such as delicatessens and butchers, there are models designed for the domestic environment, such as those chosen for this comparison.

Why buy a vacuum sealer? Advantage

The advantages they offer are diverse. Thus, for example, food (whether raw or cooked) is preserved much better and for longer before consumption.

They also better maintain their texture, flavor and nutrients , while we avoid their deterioration and end up wasting certain products because they get bad. We also save space in the refrigerator and freezer , because the bags in which the food is deposited take up less space when the air is extracted for vacuum packaging.

How does a vacuum sealer work? Its operation is simple. We can use embossed paper bags that we buy in packs or, alternatively, use a roll to cut and customize its size, thanks to the incorporation of a cutter in the packaging machine itself.

Next, we introduce the food chosen for packaging and attach the bag to the vacuum chamber . We close the lid and press the corresponding button to start the process. Once finished, the bag is sealed . Both processes are automatic.

And what kind of food can be vacuum packed ? Meat, fish, vegetables, sausages are some of the foods that can be vacuum packed. The good news is that, in addition, these machines are not only used with raw foods , but also with those that incorporate some type of liquid .

What models have we chosen?
The following models have been selected: Bonsenkitchen VS3802 (8.25), FoodSaver FFS017X (8.75), Taurus Vac600 (8.5) and Tefal Vacupack Plus (8.75). The criteria taken into account in their respective assessments are the following:

-Design: The size of the vacuum packaging machine, materials and build quality.

-Power: This data is important, because the power of the packaging machine depends on the power to extract as much air as possible and allow the vacuum-packed bag to be kept in the best conditions.

-Performance: How does the machine work? How is the packaging and sealing process? Is it fast?

-Use experience: If the product has met our expectations; if it is effective; if it incorporates any additional functions that the rest do not have; if it comes with a roll to prepare our own bags; Yes, in addition to this roll, it includes bags of different sizes to be able to use the packaging machine as soon as you buy it.

Comparison of the best domestic vacuum packers. The tests consisted of using each vacuum packaging machine with different foods, some dry and others already cooked: sausages, meat, fruits, salmon, vegetables, hard cheese, etc.

This has made it easy for us to see how they work and how their packaging and sealing processes are developing, how well their sealing bands, the vacuum chamber, the cutter that helps cut the bags and other functions work.

To achieve the best results, it is important that, before sealing and packaging, the bag that we are going to use does not contain wrinkles. It is also recommended not to fill it with food to the top and leave at least a space of about two fingers with respect to the upper edge.

Although two models have tied in score, the winner was the FoodSaver FFS017X packaging machine . It offers the best suction capacity , knows how to take advantage of the power it provides very well and has two additional features: the marinating function and the accessory for tapers .

Best Home Vacuum Packaging Machines.Like its competitors, this vacuum sealer features good construction and quality finishes . Like them, it has been made of stainless steel so that its resistance and durability are greater on a daily basis.

Of course, its design is slightly different, because on the right side it integrates a lever (it can adopt up to three different positions), which basically serves to open and close the lid of the machine . This closure system is completely different from the rest, who opt for the classic double click where you have to apply a little pressure.

Material: stainless steel.

Power: 120

Functions: dry / wet food, marinate, seal only.

Dimensions: 464 x 165 x 150 mm

Weight: 2.7 Kg

Others: storage for the roll, cutter, one roll, removable design drip tray suitable for the dishwasher, five normal bags of different sizes, three small ZIP or zipper bags, connection for cannula, indicator lights to check the progress of the sealing and packaging functions.

As with the rest of the machines, we immediately get used to its operation, because the mechanics of use are very similar. In addition, it includes a plastic roll, five bags of different capacity and three ZIP type , which is very good. These ZIP bags are used with the valve that is located next to the aforementioned lever; a valve that, on the other hand, can be used with the food containers that the FoodSaver brand has to vacuum-pack food.

The packaging machine works well , performs satisfactorily and its suction capacity has seemed the best to us , even without offering as high a power as other proposals. Its light indicators to check the status of these processes are appreciated. To its function of dry and wet food , we must add another specific one for marinated foods .

The best: Performance offered and including a specific function for marinating, as well as an accessory for the packaging of tapers.

The worst: It is the least economical option.

Conclusions: It is a fast and reliable vacuum packaging machine, with a very good suction capacity. As extra functions, it incorporates a specific option for marinades and an accessory to also pack tapers.


Best Home Vacuum Packaging Machines
This vacuum packaging machine comes with two packaging rolls : one is 220 x 30mm in size and the other is 280 x 30mm. Thus, and as with the rest of the models, the one that we are going to use can be stored inside and cut the size of the bags we need with the blade that its manufacturer includes.

Finished in stainless steel, it has a compact design that adapts to all kinds of spaces and is operated through an interface, which stands out for its good tactile response . By incorporating a reduced number of buttons , you quickly become familiar with it. The main functions are: single seal , packaged under vacuum and sealing and packaging to empty automatically , which was the most used. We also have a wet and dry function that, based on the type of food we handle, adapts the suction speed.

If we want the vacuum sealer to stop instantly, just press the stop button . The machine, which provides a power of 130 watts , does its job: the tool that cuts the packaging roll to prepare the bag works well , the sealing band is effective, and the vacuum chamber offers good results . It can be stored both vertically and horizontally and has a practical cable reel .


Taurus Vac600: best value for money
vacuum sealer Taurus Vac600

Weighing in at 1.48 kilograms, it is finished in stainless steel for a neat and elegant appearance . Its operation is very intuitive and all its functions are controlled from a touch control panel located at the top, which incorporates a set of very colorful LED indicators .

One of them allows you to select the type of food, since the food can be dry or contain some type of liquid (it is appreciated that it has a removable drip tray that is easily cleaned ). In addition, it is possible to choose how to use the machine: a manual , automatic packaging and sealing(It is the most practical option) or just seal . The rest of the indicators include an instant stop function and a progress bar .

It also has an area to store the bags that we use or, if we prefer, a roll of film (it comes with a gift) to choose the size of the bag that best suits our needs; This roll is easy to handle thanks to the included cutter . In both cases, the packaging task is not difficult .

Simply open the lid of the machine and place the bag in the vacuum chamber, then close it. When we hear a loud click, we select the type of food to be packed and then the automatic packing and sealing function. When the progress bar stops (blinks blue for a moment), the process is complete. Their120 watts of power is sufficient and performs well .


Bonsenkitchen VS3802
vacuum sealer Bonsenkitchen VS3802

The most economical option of the selected vacuum packaging machines is an alternative to consider if you are on a tight budget , but are interested in such a utensil. With a design according to the aesthetics of its opponents, the finish of its materials is fine, given its price, which also includes the following accessories: several vacuum bags , a roll for us to cut our bags and some rubber bands to use with containers that are prepared for vacuum packaging (the machine completes this task through a small button specifically for it).

Although it is a little louder than expected, it is fast and knows how to use its 125 watts of power quite well ; although, sometimes, this feeling is diluted. For wet foods you have to select the “Moist” button from its control panel and, for dry foods , the “Dry” button.

Having chosen our option, we activate the “Vac / Seal” button, which is backlit in green. Automatically, the “Seal” control starts blinking red. After a few moments, we will check how both lights turn off at the same time. This means that the automatic vacuum and sealing process is over.



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