Felipe VI Highlights The Responsibility And Commitment To The Constitution

King Felipe VI went to the Congress of Deputies on Tuesday to preside over the act commemorating the failure of the coup on February 23, 1981. And there, the monarch wanted to praise the role of his father, Juan Carlos I, during the night of the military uprising, highlighting that “he assumed as head of state his responsibility and his commitment to the Constitution.

During his speech, delivered immediately after the President of Congress, Meritxell Batet, spoke, Felipe VI recognized the role of his father so that “all necessary measures be taken to maintain constitutional order within the current legislation.”

“This was communicated in a televised message that is already part of our collective memory,” recalled the head of state, who stated that the “firmness and authority” of King Juan Carlos were “decisive for the defense and victory of democracy.” .

Felipe VI also wanted to remember Adolfo Suárez , whose resignation as Prime Minister precisely caused the convocation of the investiture session of Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo that the coup plotters interrupted. Suarez, said the king, “along with a long list of men and women, civilians and military, that we all have in mind”, offered in the hours that followed the coup “an example of courage and loyalty to the institutions of the State. and to the Constitution. “

King Felipe VI (i), and the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez (d), upon their arrival at the ceremony held in Congress. Felipe VI presides over the act for the 40th anniversary of 23-F in Congress
“40 years ago today Spain experienced an extremely serious attack against its democratic system of rights and freedoms,” said the monarch, who assured that, in addition to the role played by King Juan Carlos and President Suárez, “the citizen’s rejection of the The breakdown of our framework of coexistence was decisive in defeating that coup “.

“Likewise, the deep democratic conviction of the parliamentarians and members of the Government who during those long hours were held here confirmed the feelings of the citizens whom they represented and served,” he stated.

Likewise, King Felipe assured that his “commitment” to the Constitution is today “stronger and more firm than ever,” as is the “unequivocal will of the Crown” to “integrate” all citizens. Of course: the monarch assured that “respect for the social and democratic state of law is a prerequisite and necessary for the coexistence and progress of our society.”

“We must all feel committed and obliged to defend, protect and preserve our coexistence in democracy and freedom,” he said.

“We have learned that democracy is a delicate asset that requires the greatest care and permanent respect on the part of all,” continued Felipe VI, who assured that the “erosion” of the democratic system “endangers the rights and freedoms of citizens. “

For this reason, this February 23 “is a very opportune occasion to recognize the full validity and strength of its values ​​and principles”, as well as to “renew the commitment of all institutions to our democratic system of rights and freedoms.”

The high authorities of the State
The act of commemoration was held in the solemn Hall of the Lost Steps of Congress, and the high institutions of the State were present there. In addition to Batet as president of Congress and Pilar Llop as her counterpart in the Senate, the president of the General Council of the Judiciary, Carlos Lesmes , represented the judges and magistrates.

The government was attended by the president, Pedro Sánchez , and the four vice presidents: Carmen Calvo, Pablo Iglesias, Nadia Calviño and Teresa Ribera.

Press conference of nationalist parties in Congress.
Controversy with the independentistas in Congress: they refuse to respond in Spanish during their planting on the 23-F anniversary. The two still-living fathers of the Constitution, Miquel Roca and Miguel Herrero and Rodríguez de Miñón, were also invited to the event.

The leader of the opposition and the PP, Pablo Casado, also made an appearance, as well as the members of the Board of Congress and the spokespersons of Vox, Cs and Más País. The spokespersons for ERC, Junts, PDeCAT, PNV, EH Bildu, CUP and BNG refused to attend the event .

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